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5 More Things Every Email Marketer Should Do

June 7, 2016

Bob Frady

A little while back we posted 5 Things Every Email Marketer should do. The response was so great that we thought we’d post the next chapter – 5 MORE Things that every email marketer should do.

1. Understand Psychology – Understand one thing about your customer – they have chosen YOU by becoming a part of your email program. People don’t generally start their day hoping to join a new email club – so if they join yours, they’ve already given you the most important segmentation variable you could ever hope for. When you think about whether to “sunset” a contact…always remember – they signed up for YOU.

2. Leave People on your file 30 days longer than normal – Then measure them separately. See how much revenue they drive, versus the cost to send them. You might be surprised to learn that these “dead” customers still drive a hefty margin, while not hurting your delivery at all.

3. Accept that Goodbye is OK –Too many email marketers work themselves up, worrying about unsubscribes. It’s time to stop. Sometimes, people leave you. They don’t always leave the brand…they just don’t want your email program. It may actually be a good thing – people don’t need your emails because you’ve become their brand of choice. So it’s OK to let them go. Make it easy to get off your list by making your unsubscribe process simple. Don’t automatically unsubscribe them. Instead send them to a page with their email pre-populated. Maybe even include a fun video.

4. Attend Email Conferences – It’s good to get out of your office and see what other folks have been talking about. The conversations you have can provide invaluable insight. You’ll meet other people “In the trenches” who may be going through the same things you are! Some of the people you meet can help move your career forward. The important thing…get our and mingle every once in awhile.

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