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Drive Your Email Revenue with Your Calls to Action

May 25, 2016

Isaac Owusu

Email communications – while also being effective for branding – are all about driving actions. This piece will touch on a few tips to tweak your Calls to Action (CTA) to increase traffic on your website and convert visitors into customers.

While the process of optimizing CTAs should be a surefire tactic to build on your leads and sales, there are some failures that marketers fall victim to. Here are some improvements that you can make in placing CTAs in what you send.

1. Make it easy – and obvious - to find

Nothing worse than an email that doesn’t make it easy for the customer to know what to do. While some of your customers are notable exceptions, an effective rule of thumb to follow is to place them in the top third of your message.

Your readers have a limited time to read your content. While brand and image-heavy copy may be nice to look at, the goal is for consumers to take action. Make sure that your email is properly leading them down a path to conversion.

2. Focus

Some emails – like newsletters – are designed to both inform customers of items you have and collect information about what they like via click tracking. In those emails, having many CTAs and places to click can be very beneficial.

However – if you’re driving a specific action, focus is in order. Limit your CTAs to one or – at max – two. For example, we once tested adding a “Learn More” button to our “Act Now” button that drove to the exact same page. It generated more clicks and conversions that “Act Now” did alone…but that’s the sort of thing you want to test into.

3. Start with the Subject Line

If you want action, let people know right up front. Use your subject line to “sell” the content of the email, then let the content drive towards the conversion funnel.

One of the great features of the Maropost Marketing Cloud is that you can quickly and easily test all of these assumptions. So don’t just take our word for it – get in and find the CTA’s that work for you! To learn how our platform can enable you to utilize CTAs and drive up your revenue, click here to request a demo of our award-winning platform.

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Isaac Owusu

Isaac Owusu

Isaac is the Communications Manager at Maropost.