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How to Convey a Sense Of Urgency With Your Recipients

May 20, 2016

Isaac Owusu

An effective call to action (CTA) is simple; it immediately brings out the urgency in the reader to do your desired action. This sounds easy in theory, but the execution is where many marketers find themselves struggling.

Take a look at these examples of calls to action that we found effective and use them for your own success and conversions.

1. “That thing you were looking at? 50% off!”

When encouraging a purchase from your website this CTA works wonders for a rather obvious reason.

Aside from 50% being quite a substantial discount, the statement shows a tangible benefit and a sense of urgency. Reminding the readers of their previous action works in ways that many underestimate, it sets off an urgency for the reader to act and brings them back in their place of interest. Some people just need to be urged to do the right thing. 

2. “Our birthday gift to you: 25% off"

This CTA is effective as it is personal and urges the reader to act in the spirit of their big day. It’s hard for anybody to resist gifts on their birthdays, and a discount is definitely a welcome present.

By stating that the discount is a gift, you create a sense of urgency by giving them a limitation to its access, and it also shows that your company is one that cares about its clientele enough to pay attention to important dates and reward subscribers. How sweet!

3. “Take me to your blog”

This call to action works best when the reader is given a bit of a sample of the content that you want them to access.

In providing a good introduction to your content through either imagery or a description of it, this CTA creates awareness to the reader of what they will be accessing and the phrasing insinuates their willingness to consume it. Have fun with this CTA, it always works.

4. “Book by noon before prices go up!”

This CTA is great for events as it stresses not only the importance of attendance, but also the urgency in booking a seat for it.

A CTA of this form is made more effective when you convey to the reader that there is a benefit in acting immediately, rather than later. Emphasizing a firm time limitation will motivate readers to be prompt in acting and creating quicker gratification for you.

When the reader sees the statement they are made aware that seating is not a right, but a privilege and they have to act quick to be apart, otherwise get left out. The deadline of noon is a strong way to assert how pressing it is to make the booking. It will be a challenge for any recipient to see this call to action and put off booking at a later time.

5.  “Get Results TODAY!” 

This CTA is simple, but very effective and will catch your recipient.

Using the word "TODAY" works well as it plays into a person’s desire for convenience, and seeing it bold stresses the idea to the reader.

The senses of your recipients will jump at sight of the word “results”. You can provide a sense of confidence in your own product by offering some of it for free. This language is powerful, it leaves the recipients assured that what they are about to try will impact them and their business in a favorable way. Be bold with what you promise to your readers and you can expect a rise in open rates.

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Isaac Owusu

Isaac Owusu

Isaac is the Communications Manager at Maropost.