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Let Welcome Messages Improve your Deliverability

May 16, 2016

Bob Frady

In looking at deliverability issues for senders, there are several areas you need to understand - technical setup, having the
proper number of IPs, prioritizing your send based upon user data and, of course, developing interesting and engaging content. However, there’s one part that marketers often overlook when assessing delivery issues – the welcome message and onboarding process.
When most people think about the welcome message, they often think it’s a flowery marketing piece that’s essentially a lot of fluff. While the welcome message might be full of those sorts of hopeful thoughts, it’s actually a powerful weapon in helping you get to the inbox. At Maropost Marketing Cloud, here’s what we’ve learned about the value of the Welcome message:

The single greatest value to the Welcome message is file hygiene. The fact is, many email addresses bounce the first time you send them. Whether it’s intentional or accidental, the data contained in your sign-up forms is not as great as you might hope. In fact – depending on your source of acquired names – your bounce rates can be as high as 30 percent! Even well-run programs will see bounces in the two to six percent range. If you have a high volume of signups, we recommend keeping welcomes on separate IPs as they bounce a LOT.

Verification vendors can be a very powerful tool in conjunction with the welcome message. However, before you submit your names to a verification vendor for cleaning, add some very basic logic about how the email was constructed. Doing so can let your hygiene vendors focus on the more difficult names - mostly by knocking out the "easy"

Not responding to a welcome series doesn’t mean people aren’t interested. A client tested sending people welcome series of three messages. If none of the three messages were clicked or opens, they were unsubscribed. The result was that 45 percent of the people who signed up were never added to the main file. For people who we auto-entered - less than 20 percent had done nothing after 60 days. Sometimes, it takes people to warm up to what you're sending, even though they just signed up.

Understanding the effectiveness of the welcome message beyond the message itself is a powerful tool in ensuring your emails get delivered. If you’re sending a welcome message, make sure to take a look at some of the nuances to improve performance. If you’re not sending welcome messages…why not?! Get started today with Maropost Marketing Cloud.

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