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Save Yourself from Email Jail

May 11, 2016

Bob Frady

Sending emails – especially when you produce them under a time crunch - is challenging. There are a number of pieces that all come together to make a great email. Miss one of them and you can end up in the place no one wants to be – email jail.

There are four small steps you can take to keep yourself out of “email jail". Two straightforward ones… and two little pieces of insight from Team Maropost.

1. Re-check your audience

Email marketers can have a (very) large number of lists and/or segments. Many times, your list might be something that have similar names but vastly different content. As the number and sophistication of your lists grow, it’s easy to get them mixed up – especially if you’re under a time crunch.

When reviewing your campaign, be sure to check that the list or segment you’re sending to is the list you actually want to send to. It’s a simple step but one that will help keep your emails relevant.

2. Render your content

Your emails will be opened on dozens of different devices. Sometimes the same person will open on a mobile device, a tablet and on a laptop – all in the same day.

Making sure your efforts go smoothly on all formats is a mission of the Maropost Marketing Cloud. Users can take advantage of the platform’s built-in rendering engine, where you can preview your email message on dozens of browsers. Better to catch the errors in testing rather than having them show up in your client’s inbox.

3. Teamwork makes the dream work

Ask any email marketer their biggest fear and they’re likely to answer “there’s a mistake in my email that I didn’t catch”.

Many times when you’re developing an email, you get “blind” to the content and can overlook small but glaring errors. To keep that from happening, make sure you send test emails to others on your team. Having a colleague review and proofread your content and the details around it, such as email addresses, and dates, adds an extra measure to ensure your sends are flawless. Don’t have anyone else on your team? Then create a list with one or two of your own email addresses in it and send the tests there. The brief time between creating the content and sending it to inboxes can change your perspective enough to catch mistakes you may have missed.

4. Give yourself a buffer by creating a “safe zone”

One of the best tips we’ve gotten from our users is to leave a “safe zone” around your emails by leaving at least an hour between completion of the email and your scheduling time. Consider this your buffer room, an opportunity to revise your schedule and make any last-minute adjustments. In this time you can do a final read-through, as well as wait for any last-minute changes that might come through the review process.

Using these four simple steps creates more relevant, targeted communications with your customers. Better yet, it help keep you out of “email jail!”


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