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Triggered Email Programs you should start today

April 25, 2016

Bob Frady

Your email marketing efforts will go much further through the use of triggered email programs. These sets of automated email programs do a great job of sending relevant and timely emails to those on your lists.

Check out these effective programs and do your recipients a favour by integrating them into your brand.

Welcome Series– Welcome customers with a strategic welcome series. Let them know what to expect and get them excited to be a subscriber!

Birthday Message – The most special day of the year for most people is their birthday. If you have their birthday date, set yourself apart from the crowd by recognizing their big day – you don’t even have to make a discounted offer. It’s really just the thought that counts. You can use a SQL select of “DOB=today” so you reach them directly on their special day.

Anniversary of sign up – While this day is not as important to users, it’s important to YOU! Let the customer know how special they are to you. For example, you can send a thank you email from the Founders at 3 months.

Abandoned Search Re-engagement (via tagged links) – Tag a link to a specific product type. If a recipient is viewing the product but does not purchase it, automatically re-engage them with more emails related to that or similar products.

Regular inactive customers – If a customer has been purchasing regularly, and they haven't placed an order in 30-60 days, have a process in place for winning them back. It’s a great opportunity to insert a survey that’s gives them a chance to tell you why they haven’t purchased.

Automated list cleansing/Re-engagementIf you plan to cleanse recipients off your list that have not engaged with your emails in a certain period of time, create a segment to put these users through an aggressive re-engagement workflow about a month before you plan to roll them off. This is extra helpful when you have certain mailbox providers (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) that you may be having issues delivering to.

All of these programs are easy to launch – in minutes from your desktop – within the Maropost Marketing Cloud system. If you – for some crazy reason – are NOT using the world’s most powerful digital marketing platform, click Request a Demo. Fill in the blanks and we’ll reach right out to you.

Interested in more practical email tips you can use to improve subscriber engagement, delivery rates, opens and click-throughs? After sending over seven billion emails across more than 35,000 campaigns, we’ll give you our best tips and tricks to power up your email program in our free Developing a Great Email Program Whitepaper.


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