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What’s the Right Number of IPs?

May 10, 2016

Bob Frady

One of the more vexing issues with email is determining the correct number of IPs you’ll need to successfully run your email marketing program. It is absolutely essential to get a sufficient quantity of IPs - which are dedicated to your sending effort - in order to maximize successful deliverability of your email program. This is especially true if you’re a high-volume sender.

At Maropost, our goal is to maximize the success of your email program. The first (and most critical) step is making sure you have sufficient dedicated IPs for your program. Unlike some other ESPs who try to choke your program down into fewer and fewer IPs, our entire business is built around IP and Delivery management.

Here’s the Maropost guidelines for determining how many IPs we will assign to your account –

·  Under 250K emails/month ·               2 IPs
·         250K – 1 Million ·               4 IPs
·       1 Million – 5 Million ·               5 IPs
·      5 Million – 10 Million ·               6 IPs
·     10 Million – 20 Million ·               8 IPs
·   20 Million – 50 Million ·               12 IPs
·  50 Million – 100 Million+ ·               18 IPs

In additional, we may look to add separate them for transactional messages, generally at the rate of 1 additional IP per 25-50,00 messages/day.

The first reaction we usually get to the number of IPs is “Wow! That’s a lot more than my current provider gives me.” Some of the reasons we give you so many include:

  • Deliverability and inbox placement are one of our top priorities. We put in the effort to ensure that we can effectively deliver your file.
  • Our delivery team strongly believes – and has tested – that more IPs leads to better delivery and inbox placement.
  • Our IP/Volume ratios are in line with Return Path Certification benchmarks.
  • We keep our client list manageable so we can focus on outstanding delivery results.

Tired of your email program getting choked from too few IPs? Find out how to put the power of Maropost to work for you today! Just click the blue “Request A Demo” box in the upper right hand corner of our our website!


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