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8 Daily Habits of the Successful Email Marketer

March 20, 2017

Tim Starr

Tim Starr

You can never learn everything at once, but you can always improve with each passing day. And the key to this daily improvement is to ensure that you daily tasks are focused on monitoring and bettering all the important aspects of your job.

Successful marketers are not made in a day, but they are made by the summation of the word done in each of those days. So here are the top 8 daily habits of the successful email marketer.



1. Make a plan

As a marketer, you keep juggling multiple hats during the day. Firstly, there are more than one project that you are working on. And on top of that, each of them are at a different phase. While you are planning for one, you execute another and measure the third. How can you ensure that you keep a track of all of these without getting lost? Simple, you make a plan! Start your day by making a list of things to wish you accomplish in a day, and end your day with a smile on your face and tick marks on the checklist.

2. Check out the competition

You are in battle mode against your competition. And in battles, surprises can be very damaging. Like all successful marketers, you need to ensure that you track what the competition is up to daily. This will ensure that you are not only ready when they come up with something new, but can also take advantage if they ever make a mistake. And I understand that the competition will not broadcast their strategies. But if you are aware, you will know when something new is coming up soon.

3. Spend time with the team

All marketing activities are a team effort. Since you cannot work in isolation, it is better to gather your team once a day and discuss what is happening. Most successful marketers are often the most approachable ones too, and this is a great way to make your employees feel part of the team. The gatherings could be for daily updates, brainstorming, or a round-up of the way your campaign is performing.

4. Monitor the numbers

Marketing is almost always about the numbers game. So it is imperative that you what your numbers look like on a daily basis. I don’t know which numbers are important for your company right now. But I am sure some numbers are, and you will only benefit from monitoring them. You need to keep in mind that you cannot get too involved in the daily numbers when you have a long campaign running. Just keep an eye on them to spot any inconsistencies that can help you spot issues before they escalate.

5. Listen

Show me a successful marketer and I will show you a good listener. As a marketer, ensure that you listen to all the important stakeholders. The list will include your team, your bosses, and the clients of course. But most importantly, always listen to your target audience. Use listening softwares to see what your audience is saying about you, and address/include them in your future communications to make them more effective.

6. Read

Read everything from industry blogs and newsletters to the news. The marketing environment is fast-paced and always evolving. Reading will keep you abreast with the latest happenings in terms of technologies and campaigns. Good marketers always make it a point to dedicate reading time in their daily schedules. But don’t just limit yourself to your news. The customer is always in evolution mode too and understanding human behavior and psychology can be your biggest strength in the race of becoming a successful marketer.

7. Write, Write, Write (then Write Some More)

Always remember that you are your brands voice. And since words are what you rely on for communicating, make sure you practice using them in the most effective form daily. Daily writing could include writing a great subject line, or an idea for your next campaign. If words are all you have, make sure you master them to the best of your capabilities. Daily writing will increase your confidence, while leaving you with a bunch of content for future references.

8. Evaluate and Improve

At the end of each day, see how efficient you were throughout the day. Daily evaluations will help you fine-tune the daily tasks that best suit your style of working. Also take note of things such as were you able to solve an issue that cropped up? Was your priority list in the best order possible? And end with how you think the next day can be made better.


 Now that I’ve prepped you up for more reading, how about starting with the traits you need for email marketing success?




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