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Building the Best Customer Experience: 3 Ways to Leverage Your Sales Team

March 01, 2017

Diana Robbins

Diana Robbins


Your marketing and communications team are probably the ones who decide your marketing strategy, but it's the sales team that's actually talking to leads. More than anyone, the salesperson has the most and widest access to potential clients. The sales team will know what works, what doesn't, and even why.

So when it comes to the customer journey, sales teams are definitely underlooked. Here are three ways you can leverage your sales team to build the best customer experience.




Your sales team need not be relegated to a windowless room playing EDM music in between calls. Get them out in the sun and on your blog and in your videos.

Make your salespeople part of the customer experience by giving them the opportunity to create content that they can share with their leads themselves.

It doesn't even need to be anything new - most salespeople have their own decks, scripts, and supplementary materials to help them sell. All you have to do is repurpose that content to be audience-facing or client-facing.

Giving them a presence will introduce them to the leads that are already in your funnel. You could use your data to see if a lead has looked at content published by a member of your sales team, and then ensure that that lead has at least one touch-point with the content's author.



Your salespeople are talking to your leads and buyer personas on a daily basis. This provides an opportunity to create a near endless loop of data and personalization.

After some time, your salespeople may have given you enough information to update one or all of your buyer personas.

You might want to start using this information right away in your marketing platform, either by updating the profiles of your current leads or sifting through the lists you have already to create new segments from your current list.

Maybe you could test the new information you have by conducting an A/B test or by using multivariate testing, depending on the size of your email list and the new information you have about your persona.

Regardless of how you decide to use the new information, giving your salespeople more say in how your buyer personas are defined will help you personalize your content and campaigns, which helps make your customer experience better overall.



A salesperson's job is to persuade the lead that your product is the solution to all their needs. This is part of how the sales team impacts customer experience.

If anything gets in the way of sales being able to do what they need to, they need to have the support system in place.

The issue could be finding and having access to the content they need to help leads understand how your services can help. In this case, you might need to train them on your content management platform, or come up with a system where they can have easy access to be able to search your content.

Or maybe they simply don't have optics on the marketing funnel. Then a good idea would be to set up a sales-specific dashboard with all the important stats and KPIs they need. 


 By working with your salespeople, you can build great customer experiences that improve your buyer personas, make the sales process smoother and introduce your customers to the people who work behind the scenes at your company.

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